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Dear Midwest Health & Wealth,
I just wanted to write you and thank you for outstanding service. It s great to be able to call your agent on his cell phone and reach him whenever you need anything. My agent, Scott Mooneyham has proven exactly what he had promised when we first met. Not only am I confident of having the best coverage at the best price, every time I've had a question and called Scott, he has either answered or called me back within 2 hours. It's nice to know that in today's environment when most companies fall short of their promises, that Scott Mooneyham with Midwest Health & Wealth surpasses them all!

Thank's for everything!
Susan Russell

Dear Midwest Health & Wealth,
I just want to express my appreciation for one of your senior representatives. Scott Mooneyham represented your company with the highest level of professionalism. He provided an incredible amount of knowledge about life insurance that quite frankly had been very intimidating to me in the past. He was able to explain all my options in a way I could clearly understand. Because of his expertise I can now be sure that I have the best coverage at the best price. Thanks again for your all your help!

Karl & Sharon Knapp

Larry and I would like to take this opportunity to let others know what an exceptional experience working with Shawnee and Mid West Health and Wealth has been. Larry and I both had taken out life insurance many years ago and were paying it without fail believing we had made the right choice and were doing a good job planning for the future. When we first sat down with Shawnee we were certain that he did not have anything to offer us as we had already taken care of our life insurance needs. He was very friendly and asked us about what we had in place and then explained there are some insurances out there that at the time seemed like a good idea but do to changes in the market they had not continued to hold there value. I have to admit at first I was skeptical and even a little defensive but Larry being the calm one in the marriage insisted we hear Shawnee out and make sure we had not made a mistake. Shawnee then called our current insurance company and asked them about our policy and how much it was worth and how much our premiums had gone up and if they would continue to go up. These questions shocked me but the answers shocked me even more. I felt like Larry and I had made very poor choices when we had both our old policies but Shawnee said it was a very common practice at that time and they were not intended to fail as much as they did but the economy was not strong enough to support them. That made me feel a little better but it still needed to be fixed. Shawnee immediately got on the phone and started talking to the office staff and the other resources he had at Mid West Health and Wealth and in just a few minutes he hung up the phone and smiled and said we have a solution I think you will both like. The following Day Shawnee came back to our house and helped us turn our old bad policies that were loosing money into two new policies that would guarantee no loss of money and the premiums would not go up. We are now paying less money every month and are going to get a greater amount of life insurance when we pass. I am not usually someone who post many things online but after our meeting with Shawnee I feel like there are so many people who are in the same situation that Larry and I were in and I hope this helps a few people fix their policy before it is too late. Larry and I will be doing our insurance and financial planning exclusively with MWH&W from now on.

Larry and Joan H.
Overland Park, KS